The Speargun with 22 copper spears above it.

The Speargun is the only ranged weapon in FarSky. The Speargun will fire equipped spears from the player's inventory by left clicking with the desired spears loaded. The damage the Speargun does depends on what type of Spears are fired from it.


The Speargun uses Spears for its ammunition. See the Spears page for the types of spears in-game.

Unlimited ammo bugEdit

The actual Steam release version (2014.04.25) has a bug of almost unlimited ammo. Practically, it's almost unlimited shooting.

Do these steps:

  1. Get one stack of any spears in your inventory. You can have more than one stack but those other stacks won't be used at all.
  2. Equip this stack of spears (probably you also need to select your speargun once so the game will store data about selected ammo).
  3. Leave your game to the main menu.
  4. Load your saved game.
  5. Now your spear gun will shoot selected spears but the actual spears stack will not decrement until you select it again.
  6. Out of ammo? Repeat steps 2-4.

Seems that equipping the spears stack causes the game just to store an ammo type, quantity and a stack position in your inventory. After reloading the game the ammo stack selection is not set, but the selected ammo data is stored. So you can shoot but the game "doesn't know" what stack in your inventory should be decremented.


The Speargun can be crafted at the Weapon Workshop with 12 iron and 1 gold.