Shark attack

The shark is a predator on the seafloor. There are different sharks in the game: Hammer Shark and Great White Shark. The only difference is that the Hammer Shark is more difficult to kill.

In daytime it will attack you only if there is blood (from you or a fish) or if you attack it.

At night it will attack you if it sees you.


The great white shark has 15 health.

Weapon Hits to kill
Knife 8
Iron spear 5
Iron stunning spear 3
Copper spear 2
Copper stunning spear 2
Manganese spear 2
Manganese stunning spear 1

The hammerhead shark has 24 health.

Weapon Hits to kill
Knife 12
Iron spear 8
Iron stunning spear 5
Copper spear 3
Copper stunning spear 3
Manganese spear 2
Manganese stunning spear 2



Shark Meat

Once killed, shark produce Shark Meat which reduce hunger by 10%.


Cooked Shark Meat

Once cooked the Shark Meat becomes Cooked Shark Meat and reduce hunger by 50%.

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