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FarSky is a survival, adventure, and exploration game developed by Farsky Interactive.

After the crash of your submarine, you are left alone in the depths of the ocean. Take advantage of day time to gather resources and explore, but be careful of predators at night.

An underwater base is your only safe area, and allows you to refill your oxygen. Use resources to craft items, grow food, extend your base or create new ones. The deeper you go, the more dangerous it becomes. Discover new creatures, items, ore deposits, and much more!

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FarSky Trailer - Steam Greenlight

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  • discussion page Talk:Green Bean
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    Comment: Green Beans take 14.5 minutes (+-.5) to grow. Both cooked and raw green beans pause your hunger clock for 30 seconds (differing from other foods...
  • discussion page Talk:Carrot
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    Comment: Took 11 minutes to grow. Eating a raw carrot stops your hunger clock for 30 seconds, whilst a cooked one stops it for 60 seconds. Effectively, a raw...
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    Comment: 1 Raw paused it for 30 seconds, 10 raw paused it for 2 minutes.
  • discussion page Talk:Potato
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    Comment: Took 16 minutes to grow, is not tied to the event of "changing between day/night", but might have its duration based upon day/night length. (They do...
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    Comment: Place a floor on the wall and it will replace it The building is a bit weird in this game and not exactly intuitive, but it's not too hard to figure...
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    Comment: you are removing a wall. Its the new walls pop up to surrond the empty space.
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